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Hesitant to purchase because you havent bought from here before? Why not check out these real reviews from customers who have purchased from us and see how happy they are with not only the products, but with the service too.

Winnie The Pooh and Piglet Slate Coaster

5 Star review from Louise for this Winnie the Pooh and Piglet Slate Coaster

Dragonfly Slate Coaster Review

5 Star review from Louise for this Dragonfly Slate Coaster.

With its high gloss finish, its easy to keep clean and looking great.

Adult Sippy Cup Review

5 Star review from Toni for this Adult Sippy Cup with a Boho Design. These cups are perfect for adults who struggle with lifting and drinking from normal cups due to strokes and disabilities.

Stained Glass Effect Dragon Glass Board Review

5 Stars for this Stained Glass Effect Glass Board from Julie.These boards are truly stunning and look amazing on a window sill when the sunlight floods through behind them.

5 Stars for the Double Sided Dragon Bookmark with a Dragon Charm

This made a great gift for someone as L gave it a 5 Star Review.

Nikki loved this bookmark so much, she came back and ordered more

Repeat Customers are what we like here at Created By Denise.

Double Sided Metal Bookmark and Charm Review

This Fox metal bookmark with the design on both sides got a 5 Star Review from Taryn. These bookmarks are great letter box gifts that you can pop in a card and send them off to an avid reader.

Stained Glass Effect Peacock Glass Board

Another Glass Board with a 5 Star Review.

This stunning design of a peacock is bright and vibrant and customers just love it

This Seahorse Glass Board is the most biggest seller at my physical events, because when people see the light coming behind it, they fall in love with it. Its no wonder it gets a 5 Star Review from Sheila

A Top Seller with a 5 Star Review

5 Stars to the Red Squirrel

This being a design from an actual photo taken off a Red Squirrel on Brownsea Island in Poole Harbour and Karla was so happy, she gave it the 5 Star Review