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Adult Sippy Cups with

Adult Sippy Cups with

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Having a disability is hard enough, but having to use childrens cups to drink from can be upsetting, so here are some beautiful Adult Sippy cups that not only looks so much better than the plastic small ones, they can help the person keep their mind on something.  

The designs are there to distract the mind, as well as help the person recognise their cupy. 

Made with Stainless Steel, they help keep cold drinks cold and warm drinks warm, so drinks can last longer at the right temperature, helping them to keep their fluids up. 

These cups comes with an interchangeable lid and straw, so if someone has had a stroke and needs the sippy design, but then then can drink from a cup, this cup allows the changes to be made easily and without having to purchase another cup. 

Various designs available with more being added over time, or if you require a certain design, please just ask. 

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